American Pharmaceutical Solutions LLC (APS) is a national PBM serving the needs of insurance carriers, self-insured entities, third party administrators, trust companies, and risk bearing provider organizations. We design programs designed to support each client’s business model. APS is committed to controlling pharmaceutical costs, providing transparent pricing, and providing service excellence.



Pharmaceutical benefits can be complex and expensive. We found that the PBM industry lacked clarity around the design of pharmaceutical programs, especially with regards to pricing. In response, we founded American Pharmaceutical Solutions LLC on the principles of “transparent pricing” and customized processing models.

Metrics that Minimize Costs

As claims age, pharmacy spend on claims quickly rises. Our proprietary analytics program tracks pharmaceutical costs to identify cases that should be targeted for settlement.

A National Pharmacy Network

Our national network provides access to more than 62,000 subscribed pharmacies, including overnight prescription delivery to 48 states. You can also benefit from excellent relationships APS has built with specialized pharmacies that:

  1. Focus on providing the lowest-cost, quality pharmaceuticals
  2. Have the ability to offer custom compounding at a significant discount
  3. Provide mail-order delivery

Smart Settlement Strategy

With our specialized understanding of workers’ compensation and no-fault cases, APS can offer guidance every step of the way, including pre-and post-settlement support. Medicals are handled differently pre and-post settlement. For instance, pre-settlement medicals are subject to more restrictions regarding pricing and delivery.

Our seasoned team understands the intricacies and can advise prudent settlement strategy and guidance.

Eliminate Stress and Administrative Headaches

Statutes that guide prescription processing, pricing and delivery vary by state. When problems arise, the burden and responsibility ultimately falls on the employer. APS assures smooth, accurate and timely transactions that adhere to requirements every time, so you can focus on your business, and your bottom line.

Cost efficiency benefits our clients and their customers. APS can help you deliver quality care and manage claims effectively, while reducing drug costs and lowering spending.

Problem solved!



You can feel confident that our seasoned executive team all understand the unique nuances and challenges of the industry and speak your language. Each brings more than four decades of relevant industry experience to the table. We invite you to contact us directly to discuss how we can help streamline your claims management and significantly reduce costs.

Brian Fillion

Brian Fillion

Chief Executive Officer

David Benglian

David Benglian

Chief Operating Officer



American Pharmaceutical Solutions LLC (APS) is the first pharmaceutical benefit management company designed to focus on the specific needs of self-insured and casualty insurance companies.

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